Exploring Burgos, Ilocos Norte ft. Kapupurawan Rock Formations

February 13, 2016

Burgos and Paoay are just two of the many “tourist attractive” towns of Ilocos Norte. There is so much more to see than the famous white sand beach in Pagudpud and the windmills in Bangui. A mere weekend will not suffice to explore all the tourist spots in the province.

For this traventour journey, we’ll be sharing our one day adventure and experience in Ilocos Norte featuring the towns of Burgos and Paoay.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formations are massive white rock or limestone formation, standing along the rocky coast of Burgos, which have been chiseled by the waves hitting the rocks. We opted to ride to the rock formations on a horseback.




The weather was nice so it was extremely hot during our trip to Kapurpurawan but because of the good weather, the sun rays lighted the rock formations making it live up to its name “Kapurpurawan”. We were amazed as we reached Kapurpurawan. Because of the amazing view, we did not mind the heat and took photos everywhere. πŸ™‚



There are also windmills near Kapurpurawan.


βˆ—βˆ—There are tricycles for hire going to Kapurpurawan. Upon entering the road going to Kapurpurawan, we paid Php 15.00 each as entrance fee. There are 6 tickets worth Php 5.00 each. So maybe, 3 tickets per head. Hehe.



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